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Module with Writing Business Plan and Applying for Visas for Self-Employment in France

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In order to start or run a business in France, you need to have a visa that enables you to work in a self-employed capacity. If you're already living in France with European nationality or a Vie Privée et Familiale visa, you're golden - this module is not for you!

If you DON'T currently have a visa that permits you to be self-employed in France (any of these: visitor, student, APS, salarié, salarié en mission, travailleur temporaire, scientifique, carte bleue européenne), and you would like to set up a company or become an autoentrepreneur, this module is for you. It guides you through the process of applying for the appropriate visa in your home country, or of switching your current visa status from within France to a type that will enable you to set up your business.

This module complements the French Business Incubator program and provides information specifically on the visa types necessary for each French business structure, as well as the documentation needed to apply for each visa type.

In this module, you will learn:

- Which visa type you need for each type of self-employment: profession libérale, commerçant, artisane, profession artistique, and passport talents - entrepreneur

- The documents required for submitting your visa or change of status application

- How to write a project proposal and business plan the préfecture or consulate will accept

- What types of supporting documentation you need for your application and how to write it

- How to complete realistic financial projections that meet the minimum requirements

- How to ensure you can renew your visa at the end of your first year in France.

As part of this module, you will receive:

- Detailed instructions on how to write each part of your business plan, with samples in French

- Detailed instructions on how to calculate your financial projections, as well as templates for your visa application

- 3 bilingual (French-English) sample letters of support to adapt and have filled out by your potential clients and collaborators

- Assistance calculating your fees and your "point mort" (break-even point)

- Guidance for writing your application's cover letter, including 3 sample cover letters in French for you to adapt and draw from while writing your own.

- Instructions on what will happen after your visa or change of status is approved, and what to do to renew your visa.

- Access to The French Business Incubator (basic) which is the guide to choosing and setting up a French business structure.

You may ALSO want this module if:

Your business is complex and you need guidance in writing a detailed business plan for banks or investors.

Your Instructor

Allison Lounes
Allison Lounes

Allison Lounes is the creator of Paris Unraveled, a site that has been helping people navigate French bureaucracy since 2011. Her areas of expertise are French visa types, setting up businesses in France, and visa strategizing for those who hope to stay in France long-term. Since launching her company in 2013, Allison has helped hundreds of clients obtain various visa types for living, studying, and working in France and answered their questions about French bureaucracy. She has set up over a dozen companies or "microentreprises" for French residents and new arrivals to France, and she has, so far, a 100% success rate in helping her clients obtain the proper visas for starting their business activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Visas for Self-Employment Module for?
This module guides you through writing ALL of the documentation you need for a successful visa application for one of the following visa types: profession libérale, commerçant, profession artistique et culturelle, and passport talents - entrepreneur. You will receive instruction on writing a detailed business plan for your project according to guidelines issued by the Préfecture, and in developing financial projections and support letters for your project. If you already have a visa that enables you to run a business in France (or French/EU nationality), you may not need this module. HOWEVER, if you need to write a detailed business plan in French for investors or collaborators, it may also be useful to you.
What bonuses are offered with the Complete French Business Incubator?
Entrepreneurs who purchase access to the Complete French Business Incubator in December, 2017 will receive the following bonuses: - 6 months of 'Premium' membership to the FrancoFiles (see www.members.parisunraveled.com/join-the-francofiles/ for details) (Value €474) - A lifetime 'Advanced' membership to the FrancoFiles (after premium membership expires) (Value €588 per year) - A complete review of your visa application & business plan, with 1-hour appointment to go over my feedback and things to add/improve (to be used by 30 June 2018. (Value €249) - A private group in the FrancoFiles community with its own forum and where the calls are uploaded.
When does the French Business Incubator start and finish?
The French Business Incubator starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online program - you decide when you start and when you finish. You will get 1 module per week of content, and you will have access to monthly webinars to ask questions for as long as it exists. We know that everyone creates their company or business at their own pace - and you may just be in the beginning stages of your plan. That's why it's important for you to have access forever: whether you're exploring your options or already in France with clients and ready to get started ASAP, you know that the French Business Incubator will guide you through the process.
How long do I have access to the program?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the French Business Incubator for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own, for as long as it exists. And don't worry - if we plan on taking it offline or stopping updates, we'll let you know well in advance.
What if I have questions about the content?
During the "Live' run of the program, you will have weekly calls with Allison, who will do an overview of the content and answer questions. The call will be recorded and posted for you to watch later. You will also have 6 months of 'Premium' access to the FrancoFiles community, where you can post questions in the forums, attend virtual office hours, and schedule private 15 minute appointments with Allison. After your 6 month Premium membership expires, you will retain access to the forums (for questions) and virtual office hours (twice monthly) as part of your Lifetime Advanced Membership.
What if the laws about French businesses change?
The laws regarding French businesses (and visas!) change ALL THE TIME. The French Business Incubator isn't a substitute for personalized legal and accounting expertise, but we strive to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information that we can. The content in the French Business Incubator is completely up-to-date as of the December 2018 launch, and will be updated in this website before each launch (probably once per year). Additionally, Allison will provide updates to French laws and things to look out for in the French Business Incubator group in the FrancoFiles, which you have lifetime access to. Fortunately, the wheels of French bureaucracy turn slowly, so there will be plenty of time between when a new law affecting you is passed, and when it is implemented (1-2 years later).
Can I deduct the cost of the French Business Incubator from my taxes?
That's up to your accountant - and the type of business you choose! (Autoentrepreneurs can't deduct expenses). But in theory, yes, you should be able to deduct it, as its cost directly relates to starting and running your business. We'll provide an official French invoice for your accountant.
What if I've already consulted with Allison about starting my business in France?
The Complete French Business Incubator is *included* in the Franceformation and French Business Accelerator , so you'll get free access when you pay your deposit. If you purchased a Lifetime Basic or Advanced membership to the FrancoFiles and qualify for the December enrollment promotion, you'll get a coupon for the cost of your membership to use against the price of the French Business Incubator.
What if I purchase the Complete French Business Incubator and decide I need more help putting my visa application together?
Paris Unraveled offers two done-for-you services to assist with the Profession Libérale / Artistique / Commerçant visa applications: the Franceformation (15-month) package, and the French Business Accelerator. If you are overwhelmed by the French Business Incubator and want her to take over in preparing your application, email Allison! She'll schedule a free call with you to discuss the options and credit your French Business Incubator purchase against the deposit for either of those services.
What if I am unhappy with the French Business Incubator?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

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